Floworking is the name we have given to teleworking from paradise, the municipality of La Oliva, Fuerteventura.

It goes without saying that teleworking is in our lives to stay. In fact, more and more companies are now allowing what used to be done in the office to be done from anywhere in the world.

That is why we want you to know the place where the living conditions are peerless, the municipality of La Oliva in the island of Fuerteventura. Here you will find a shelter in which you will enjoy a stable climate throughout the year, heavenly beaches, natural monuments and a very low cost of living in relation to the rest of Europe.

Come to telework in La Oliva, Fuerteventura. Welcome to Floworking

Come to telework in the municipality of La Oliva

Floworkers’ stories


Marta arrived in La Oliva in 1993 and fell deeply in love with Corralejo from the very firstmoment. Discover her full story in the video.


Luca came from Milan and on his very first day in La Oliva he was captivated by the climate and the people. Discover his full story in the video.


Patricia got to know La Oliva while vacationing there and after the pandemic she came back to stay and telework. Discover her full story in the video.


Ion came here because of his friends’ recommendations. However, he claims that he wouldn’t change La Oliva for the world now. The surf, the people, the connectivity and the weather are the best combination for him. Discover his full story in the video.


Carlos arrived for a week and has been teleworking in La Oliva for more than two months. He is fond of the lifestyle and the people. Discover his full story in the video.

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