Why La Oliva?

Teleworking in La Oliva encompasses benefiting from favourable conditions not only for working but also to enjoy life. The quietness of the place, the breathtaking landscapes, the nature and the proximity to the sea entail a quality of life that few places in the world can provide. Besides, the networking network that is being created on the island as it becomes a teleworking destination coupled with the excellent fibre optic conditions of the municipality make La Oliva a place where enjoyment and efficiency go hand in hand.

Welcome to the new way of working. Welcome to FloWorking.

Stable climate throughout the year

La Oliva has a stable temperature all year round, with an average temperature of between 21º and 27º. During winter, the temperature rarely drops below 11º.

600 MB fibre optics

The municipality of La Oliva now has a 600 MB fibre optics network. It is therefore possible to telework with an exceptional internet connection from anywhere in the municipality.

Endless beaches

La Oliva has plenty of endless beaches with white fine sand and crystalline waters. Enjoy sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and snorkelling all year round.

Calm and security

There is a good vibe on the island. People are friendly and they do welcome tourists with open arms. In addition, the low incidence of the virus together with the low crime rate make La Oliva the ideal place to live peacefully.

Places of interest

14,2 of the surface of the north of Fuerteventura is surrounded by astonishing places such as the Corralejo Natural Park or Lobos Island. You can’t miss the religious and military architecture, as well as monuments like the Miguel de Unamuno monument

Low cost of living

The tax relief of the island will make your stay even more pleasant. A comfortable living can be possible thanks to an IGIC, the indirect Canary Islands tax, of 7%; a fuel tax of almost 0% and prices that are approximately half of the European ones.

Convenient time zone

Fuerteventura uses the the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as other important cities like London or relevant countries such as Portugal do. In addition, the island’s location means that the time difference with other European cities is between 1 or 2 hours and between 5 or 7 hours with regards to America.

Vast networking network

The community of teleworkers living in the municipality has grown in recent years, especially this last one. You will meet people with whom you can both network and enjoy your free time.